Monday, 22 December 2014

Wardrobe Essentials (the classics)


Jeans are obviously a staple no matter what trend, season or weather. They slim anything down, add structure and shape to any outfit. Not only do they dress down any outfit, depending on the colour and the right pair of heels they can make any outfit look fierce and classy. Although I think they're slightly overpriced and not often true to size, I think Topshop jeans are very versatile, I have only ever bought the 'Leigh' and 'Joni' style, they also sell a wide variety of jeans which is always difficult to chose from. 

My favourite place to buy jeans however, is H&M. I recently discovered them as I realised they were less than half the price of Topshop brand and from trying them on, felt like they were going to last me a lot longer. They don't sell as many cuts, colours or styles however I was only looking for a simple black pair and a blue pair that would last me a few seasons. I tried on a 6, being optimistic, however I found they fit perfectly. I first bought a light blue pair as I didn't have a pair similar. Then in went back and bought a black pair as my topshop ones were too short on the leg (long leg problems) I know. For only £14.99 they are comfotable , sturdy, good material and I know they will last me. 

Plain T-Shirts

Pain T-Shirts just speak for themselves I think. They quite literally go with EVERYTHING! You cN find them pretty much everywhere and shouldn't cost more than £20. If they do your being ripped off no matter how 'soft it is'. My personal favourites are black and grey ones. Paired with a pair of skinnies and boots or flats or ever heels for a casual night out, they make any outfit look effortless and simple yet classy and elegant. I picked up my grey one in H&M for £8. In Topshop they are around £10-12 which personally for me if too much for a plain T-Shirt. They are also sold in Zara and Asos. 


A simple, long black coat is essential to any wardrobe. I think they're amazing for layering and adding dimension and shape to any outfit. A simple black coat is just so timeless. Possible the most classic fashion piece ever. Above everything else it elongates everything. An instant classy touch. I also feel it matures any outfit. Some simple gold or silver detailing keeps them looking expensive and elegant. I picked mine up in, again, H&M. Surprisingly enough I got it from the kids section. They go up to a size that fits me very well and was only £30! Bargain! For a cheap one definitely check out H&M however Zara, Cos and Asos also sell amazing quality coats and jackets but for slightly more expensive.