Thursday, 24 September 2015

Lingerie Edit - Elcy Clothing

Been on the hunt for some delicate, beautiful and neutral lingerie for a while and by god have I struck gold! Elcy Clothing have it all and best of all it's SO AFFORDABLE! 

Check them out on Instagram @elcyclothing or on their website 

Here are my picks for the coming winter months! 


Black lace bralette!product/prd1/3714544561/black-kendall-bralet
Striped bralette!product/prd1/3651783491/striped-riri-bralet
Nude bralette!product/prd1/4186688771/layla-bralette
White lace body!product/prd1/4186580071/skyla-body

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

My First Feature - A Guide to Richmond

Check out this link for all things Richmond (Surrey) and to also see my first feature eeeek! Everything you need to know when visiting Richmond!