Friday, 2 June 2017

Exciting sh*t happening!

Hello you lovely lot...

Currently sipping on my decaf soya milk caramel machiatto, ridiculous I know, in my local Starbucks pondering over what to write for you guys. Yesterday after a stupidly delicious meal in Wagamama's with my other half, we spoke about what exciting things are coming up for both of us. So here I am letting you guys know, keeping you in the loop ya knooooow.

First of all..

For all you Star Wars lovers, I know you're reading, don't be shy. As my other half will most likely be away for his birthday in September, I thought I'd organise a little day out for him after reading about  the Star Wars Identities Exhibition online. So tickets booked, restaurant planned, outfit chosen (an essential part of the process obviously). So next week we're heading to the 02 arena to see the inner geek come bursting out of my other half. (secretly love his geeky side). Expect photos upon photos.

Vacation vacation vacation..

How nice it is to be off to Nice, sorry how could I not... After some spontaneous ideas and last minute flight booking, my best gal pal and I are off to Nice for a few days. An escape from uni for her & some much needed sun for myself. Having visited many areas of France before, Nice is somewhere I've never been to. Close enough that flights are under £100 return but far enough away to switch off completely. Not being a very well travelled individual myself, I am WAY too overexcited! Can't wait to show you guys everythinggg and to finally be able to pull some bomb ass outfits together to wear in the riviera sunshine! Stay tuned!

Independent woman!

Lottie is finally living on her own! Well.. in a shared house with 3 other lovely girls. After moving out of my family home to wear I live now, I have found a lovely room in a house a short 20 minute walk from town. This was a huge step for me, having never lived completely independently before, I took the opportunity. Of course this is a great chance to get my interior designer hat on and get planning on how to save space and decorate my living/sleeping space. H&M home/ IKEA .. here I come! Updates pending...