Monday, 9 October 2017

Brighten Up Your Earring Collection..

Gone are the days of 'plain stud' earrings we're all too familiar with through school, work ect. Here I am delivering you the colourful earring goods! From high street to high end, statement earrings are everywhere. Here are my top picks and a few pairs of my own!

Here are my picks that i've picked up from the high street..

Red Star Earrings - Asos
Blue Face Earrings - Mango

Lightweight Bolt Studs - Asos
Firefly Studs - Anthropologie (can't find them online)

Some more high street finds..

Friday, 8 September 2017

Oh I do love a good bath...

So.. Mum and I popped along to Bath the other week as Mum hadn't been since she was 14 and I've never been. Bath is somewhere I've always wanted to go, so I packed my camera and off we went!

We first ventured into the Roman Baths, super touristy .. BUT super fun and informative! Love a bit of learning I do! Fully reccomend going, taking some photos, doing the guided audio tour!

 We then headed into the Pump Room just to have a good and of course slipped and fell into a cream tea and hot chocolate! Happens all the time.. oh well what can you do! Again would recommend this 100%! Can't beat a decent cream tea!

Of course, after the obligatory open bus tour.. we went in search of Sally Lunn's Buns as our bus ticket tour gave us discounts off tonnes of the local attractions including the Roman Baths tour, the Jane Austen exhibition.

Bath, I will be back!

Friday, 2 June 2017

Exciting sh*t happening!

Hello you lovely lot...

Currently sipping on my decaf soya milk caramel machiatto, ridiculous I know, in my local Starbucks pondering over what to write for you guys. Yesterday after a stupidly delicious meal in Wagamama's with my other half, we spoke about what exciting things are coming up for both of us. So here I am letting you guys know, keeping you in the loop ya knooooow.

First of all..

For all you Star Wars lovers, I know you're reading, don't be shy. As my other half will most likely be away for his birthday in September, I thought I'd organise a little day out for him after reading about  the Star Wars Identities Exhibition online. So tickets booked, restaurant planned, outfit chosen (an essential part of the process obviously). So next week we're heading to the 02 arena to see the inner geek come bursting out of my other half. (secretly love his geeky side). Expect photos upon photos.

Vacation vacation vacation..

How nice it is to be off to Nice, sorry how could I not... After some spontaneous ideas and last minute flight booking, my best gal pal and I are off to Nice for a few days. An escape from uni for her & some much needed sun for myself. Having visited many areas of France before, Nice is somewhere I've never been to. Close enough that flights are under £100 return but far enough away to switch off completely. Not being a very well travelled individual myself, I am WAY too overexcited! Can't wait to show you guys everythinggg and to finally be able to pull some bomb ass outfits together to wear in the riviera sunshine! Stay tuned!

Independent woman!

Lottie is finally living on her own! Well.. in a shared house with 3 other lovely girls. After moving out of my family home to wear I live now, I have found a lovely room in a house a short 20 minute walk from town. This was a huge step for me, having never lived completely independently before, I took the opportunity. Of course this is a great chance to get my interior designer hat on and get planning on how to save space and decorate my living/sleeping space. H&M home/ IKEA .. here I come! Updates pending...

Friday, 19 May 2017

Franco Manca'n we go again?

Oh boy.. you are not ready for this one. (If you have never had a pizza from Franco Manca.. leave now, go on.. off you go. Shame on you).

After an unexpected, out of character and quite frankly rather spontaneous trip to visit the new site for Franco Manca's new restaurant in Richmond we hurried in after finding out they had opened the day before! The decor alone is gorgeous, I'll get onto the food shortly.. be patient. They've gone for the whole industrial, exposed lighting, caging vibe. Super bright with huge windows & a short walk from Richmond Station.. no excuses.

 With a simple menu, organic ingredients & sourdough from the heavens above this pizzeria really have it down! One key feature I appreciated was on the reverse of the menu where they outline where their ingredients come from. A simple yet comforting addition. Dining with my lovely Mother, we shared the burrata while we eagerly awaited our pizza's. Burrata is a must, nothing more needs to be said. If it's on the menu, it will be on our table.

Sat pretty and perked next to a spread of parma ham, it was the perfect start to our meal. We then moved on and devoured our pizzas. Mum chose the mushroom, mozzarella & artichoke one (number 3 I think). Went down well, clearly shown by the silence we provided whilst eating. The unique sourdough base is delicious! The manager informed us that the sourdough is not meant to be crispy so don't be surprised if you've got a bit of a soggy bottom (on the pizza obviously).

I had the courgette, burrata and mozzarella (the number 4 I think). Let's just say this pizza didn't last long on my plate at all! If you find yourself browsing the outskirts of the city and stumble into Richmond, be sure to check it out. Amazing value, amazing quality & amazing service. What else do you need from a restaurant... Pop in for a quick work break lunch or for a romantic date night with the other half, any occasion, try it out. Be warned, you won't ever want to eat pizza from anywhere else again.. You're welcome.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Returning to the blog...

Hello you!

Did you miss me.. I thought so... anyway I'm back! Back to write for good! Time to buck me ideas up, prioritise what I love and write some god dam blog posts!

Fear not.. I have lots of ideas for blog posts coming up, trend reviews, brand discoveries and a huge dollop of opinions. Food lovers unite as I will be branching out soon to bring you some delicious restaurant reviews and hot spots. Bear with me, be kind & patient as I'm a undiagnosed perfectionist and want to bring you the best content I can!

Anyway on with the suspense as you await my first post of my blogs new life! HOORAY!

Love, Lottie